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June 30th, 2008

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There are thousands of companies around that would do that for me….why should I prefer Rtizen? Well, you would do that because we are willing to share the warmth of having a cuppa with you. On a more serious note, we work with a compact team who take their work as seriously as they take their leisure. Our managers in turn are always at our clients’ service. They are available 24×7. Even if you need to add something new to your existing solution or a particular module of the solution is not functioning the way it should, months after you have purchased it from Rtizen, just give us a call. The maintenance packages provided by Rtizen are as good as their solutions. And in case your solution is running flawlessly months after its inception, you can still give us a call….we love to meet friends over coffee.

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May 16th, 2008

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Rtizen is made up of a bunch of Doers who have deleted the words TRYING and PLANNING from their vocabulary. Here at Rtizen, all we do is DO and not THINK what to DO. At our office of Rtizen in Kolkata, (officially known as AAR Technologies and Software Solution Pvt. Ltd) we listen to our clients over a cuppa and put together all our hearts, souls, expertise to give shape to their requirements.
Rtizen is primarily a software development firm which also offers website development and content developments services which includes SEO. Apart from out tried and tested prototyped solutions, we also offer customized solutions; if there is a job you need to get done in your office with the help of a customized algo, please take the pain of letting us know what exactly is going on in your mind, if you have thought up something, fine; if not, we’ll lend you our collective brains to give that a shape.
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